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Made in Zebulon, North Carolina

Everything we do - we believe in challenging what's traditional. We believe in thinking on. The way we challenge traditional is the means by which we make our products; beautifully designed, rich in tone, bespoke to you. We don't make concessions. We make great bagpipes. Your great bagpipes.

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We have created a Delrin instrument with an internal design which overcomes the short-comings of traditional bores. We found by changing the bore sizes and by lining the bores with a cellulose polymer sleeve, we were able to produce an instrument with all the structural benefits of Delrin that produced a refined "wood-like" sound.


MacLellan Bagpipes has over 30 years experience in the industry. We offer full repair, restoration, replacement, refurbishment and upgrade services for your bagpipes.

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The MacLellan Elevation chanter has been designed and masterfully crafted with pipers and pipe bands in North America in mind.  Looking toward the future, we returned to the past for inspiration, delivering a more manageable and richer tone for those in warmer climates with custom reeds being created by Melvin and Murray reed makers in addition to so many wonderful reed makers around the world.

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MacLellan instruments are crafted from the finest materials, using traditional skills originating in Scotland. Attention to detail and dedication to the highest standards of quality -- guarantee a bagpipe which is more than just a musical instrument, but also a work of art.

We invite you to look at some of the most unique and distinctive bagpipes to be found anywhere. 

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At MacLellan bagpipes we don't strive to be the biggest, fastest or the cheapest. We do however, meticulously craft a small number of the best sounding and most beautiful looking bagpipes.  MacLellan bagpipes has followed this philosophy since it's beginning in 1988. Over the years we have gradually established a solid reputation for rich, warm & stable tone, created with incredible craftsmanship, and instruments of heirloom quality and unparalleled beauty.

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