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Sent on behalf of Dario Franchitti:

"Hi Roddy, Throughout my career in motor racing, I've always held great admiration for the craftspeople responsible for building the incredible cars I've had the great fortune to drive. Craftsmanship (in all its forms) is a huge passion of mine and when I was asked to curate the 2014 Rare Craft Collection by my friends at The Balvenie, I couldn't wait to get started. During the selection process for this year's Collection, I was impressed by your work and would love to include one of your pieces as a part of the twenty that will be showcased across America between August and December this year. Now in its second year, the Rare Craft Collection is a first-of-its-kind, gallery-style exhibition featuring original works from some of America's finest craftspeople and in my opinion; you are among this esteemed group. "

I was flattered and honored to receive this invite to participate in this year's Balvenie Rare Craft Collection.

After some conversations with the organizers of the collection I decided to create a "One off" bagpipe specifically in honor of "The Balvenie" and their dedication to fine craftsmanship.
Balvenie didn't give me many specifics other than using some of their oak cask staves and brass metalwork. Brass is quite appropriate since there's so much brass and copper around a distillery, not to mention the gold color of the Balvenie itself!

 I've based the pipes on my Antique Edition. So, the "barrel" shapes on the drones use layers of the oak and African Blackwood to simulate whiskey barrels complete with brass rivets.
The barrel theme is continued through all the drone sections and the convex profile of the stocks.
 The engraving is the Balvenie crest and Barley blowing on a rare, warm summer Scottish morning!  I wanted to create a 19th century feel to the bagpipe, perhaps the era when the most distinctive and beautiful bagpipes were being made. So, I put a little more effort into making the projecting mounts and drone caps more decorative than usual, with complex curves and delicate beads and turned details.
Hopefully some will agree, a musical instrument can be a work of Art also!

Contact Roddy to discuss pricing and options.

Limited Editions: Gallery


On 10 November 1775, by Act of the Continental Congress, two Battalions of Marines were raised, thus forming the United States Marine Corps. Since that time, Marine pipers have been engaged in every combat action where Marines have fought, "from the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli." It is only fitting that America’s premiere, elite fighting force should have its own Limited Edition set of Bagpipes. 

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) Limited Edition Bagpipes© are the result of more than eleven years of design work, by Captain Justin Stodghill. Each USMC set is made of properly aged, air-dried, hand-turned African Blackwood or Cocobolo, with Minimal Combing and includes a MacLellan African Blackwood Solo Bagpipe Chanter.

As standard, the USMC Limited Edition Bagpipes are "half-mounted" with .925 sterling silver (ferrules, ring caps, slides, mouthpiece tube, and personalized shield) expertly handcrafted by Master Silversmith Roddy MacLellan. The unique design created for this set also includes Bronze beading on Ferrules and Caps with Bronze accents on the Mouthpiece Tube.

 Standard projecting mounts, bushings and mouthpiece bulb are available in a variety of materials including (but not limited to) boxwood, hard maple, imitation ivory, cocobolo, and African Blackwood.  Each set of MacLellan Silver is then sent to Master Engraver, David Davidse of  Truehand Engraving.

David has taken the original concept and created a truly unique and timeless classic featuring the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and an original background pattern, the "Leatherneck Scroll," based on the Marine Corps Mameluke Sword.

Contact Roddy to discuss options.

Limited Editions: Gallery


Looking toward the future, we returned to the past for inspiration.

This unique design features two symbols of Scotland's noble heritage. The Lion Rampant of the Scottish flag and the two-handed broad-sword, evoking William Wallace's struggle for Scotland's independence.

These two distinctive motifs are skillfully and artistically combined to create magnificently detailed sterling silver mounts specifically for our Great Highland Bagpipes.

Each set is mounted with Sterling Silver ferrules, drone-caps, tuning slides & mouthpiece and comes with a blackwood solo chanter.

The Millennium is a limited edition, only 100 numbered sets will be produced.

A silver shield with the production number will be on the bass stock.

Although the Millennium has passed, the design is timeless and still draws attention!

Contact Roddy to discuss pricing and options.

Limited Editions: Gallery


Following the great success of our Millennium Edition, we decided it was time to introduce a new, unique design. Rather than look to Scotland's history and art, we took a bold, new step and worked with American iconography.

By combining the Great American Eagle, the Stars and Stripes of the U. S. Flag and the Cavalry Sabre, I believe we have produced a design which is modern and yet still within the tradition of the classic Highland Bagpipe silverwork of the past.

As with all MacLellan Bagpipes silverwork, each set is made by hand. The Patriot design is skillfully worked into the eagles landing on the ferrules, the sabre & Flag wrapping around the tuning pins, and the stars & stripes radiating around the drone caps.

Only 25 of these sets will be made.

Contact Roddy to discuss pricing and options.

Limited Editions: Gallery
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