All of the metalwork on this page is made in house at MacLellan Bagpipes. This way we can ensure the quality of the engraving and fit of the threading is to our high standards.

With our new designs and techniques we strive to be unique, and make your bagpipe distinctive!

The deep cuts, high relief, bright polish and hand textured backgrounds give a rich look and finish not possible with simple CNC engraving.

We can also do custom designs and engraving for Police departments, Fire departments, Pipe band logos, Clan Crests etc. Our first "Fire Fighter" bagpipes were commissioned by fire fighters in New Jersey, as a tribute to fallen comrades shortly after the tragic events of 9/11. The Standard "Fire Fighter" set would have the steamer fire truck ferrules, pike pole, US flag and ladder tuning slides and clover leaf caps. Additional patch designs can be incorporated.

All of these designs are available on Bronze or Aluminum alloy, ferrules, tuning slides and caps add $800.00

Sterling silver add $3000.00



Our Premium hand engraving is in partnership with David Davidse of True hand engraving; one of the few true artists left in this field.

We make our silver as always, to ensure it is of the correct quality and fit, then David Davidse of Truehand engraving will hand cut the finest engraving to be seen on any bagpipe.

Hand engraved Sterling silver, ferrules, tuning slides, caps and mouthpiece, $4200.00.  
Hand engraved Sterling silver projecting mounts $3250.00

Expect 8 to 10 months for delivery of a hand engraved sterling silver mounted bagpipe. We welcome your ideas for custom engraving and design.

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