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City of Charleston Joins Team Elevation°

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

MacLellan Bagpipes and Melvin Reeds are pleased to welcome the Charleston Pipe Band from Charleston, South Carolina as a featured Elevation° artist!

The band was founded in 1995 by Police Chief Reuben Greenberg and Pipe Major Sandy Jones as the Charleston Police Pipes and Drums. They can be easily identified at events in their distinctive Charleston Police Tartan kilts, first worn under former Pipe Major Jim Dillahey in 2004.

They won the EUSPBA Season Championships in both Grade 3 and Grade 5 in 2005, and went on to have competitive successes in Grades 2 to 5 for a number of years. Current Senior Pipe Major JD Ingraham took over in 2015, and the band went undefeated the next year, winning the title of EUSPBA Season Champions in Grade 4 for 2016. After a recent reorganization and the pandemic, the band has been working hard to refresh their look and sound while maintaining stable growth and development of their members.

PM Ingraham began discussing new chanters with the MacLellan Bagpipes early in 2020, eventually rolling out the MacLellan Elevation Chanter for the band by ones and twos during a series of socially distanced lockdown rehearsals at public parks. They initially used G1 Platinum reeds, which provided a nice bright tone, and have since had great results with both Mur-reeds and Melvin Elevation Chanter reeds.

Ingraham notes: “It's so nice having a fresh batch of chanters that are easy to bring to a reasonable pitch for muggy South Carolina summers. I enjoyed the feedback and support provided by the MacLellan team and I know that my pipe corps really appreciate the great tone and comfortable feel of these chanters.”

You can follow Charleston Pipe Band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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