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Slender. Strong. Classic.

Every now and again we get unique sets of drones in the shop for restoration work. Aesthetically, this is a rather demure and dainty set of drones which came from Ringo at the Bagpipe Place; at first glance they appear to be 3/4 pipes (which they are not). The maker is unknown. With the guidance of Ron Bowen -- we refer to this profile as the "Claymore Profile".

We took all of the dimensions from an “unknown” set of drones which came into our shop for a futile restoration and replicated and wrapped this beautiful profile around our Revelation bores. Incorporating the leaner profiles made this Delrin bagpipe noticeably lighter in weight.

"It's certainly one of the sexier profiles I've encountered. The small beads really set if off and go nicely with the button mounts."  -  Ron Bowen

If you’re not familiar with our Revelation bagpipe, we created a Delrin instrument with an internal design which overcomes the short-comings of traditional bores. We found by changing the bore sizes and lining the bores with a cellulose polymer sleeve, we were able to produce an instrument with all the structural benefits of Delrin producing a refined "wood-like" sound.

Many hours were spent experimenting and fine-tuning the bore dimensions and bell design. Our patience and persistence was rewarded with a subtle and warm drone sound, rich in harmonics and stability. An added bonus of the polymer sleeve is moisture absorption, helping to keep your reeds dry and stable.

The stocks feature a removable cartridge, lined with the same material, adding to moisture control and resonance. The top of each stock is threaded to allow removal and added drying if needed.

The Revelation has the strength, durability, and sustainability of Delrin coupled with the sound, tone, projection and stability of the best wood bagpipes, produced anywhere, anytime.

The MacLellan Revelation — for those wanting the sound of wood and the durability of Delrin.

We turned the same unknown profile in Royal Mexican Ebony with moose antler mounts. Love the look of the sapwood at the top of one of the tenors — reminiscent of sets from the old days.


This profile is available in Cocobola, Mexican Royal Ebony, Blackwood and Delrin. Prices start at $1,800.00 with a 9 month lead time. Please contact the shop for more information.

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