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Ethical and Sustainable Sources.

It took a year for this wood to arrive, because it is ethically sourced from Tanzania.

In a remote area of Southern Tanzania where large intact forests remain, a group of communities have established forest reserves where they are responsible for forest management and in return they keep 100% of the revenue from timber sales.

In the past, timber merchants in Europe were making large profits while the local communities were being paid pennies for their labor and resources.

At MacLellan Bagpipes we feel it is important to make sure the wood we use is coming from sustainable forests and give back to the communities who depend on them.

We are proud to know the wood we purchase is helping transform the livelihoods for forest-dependent people in Tanzania, with the foundations laid for new schools, improved healthcare, clean water supplies, and diversified incomes.

We thank all of our customers who are supporting us in this endeavor.

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