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Thank you.

Sharing from Pipe Major Ben Peterson of the Greater Midwest Pipe Band.

I am writing to say that I am absolutely blown away by the quality of a set of your pipes that just came across my desk this week. It is the set of Henderson modeled pipes that you made for Cliff Ermantinger.
I had heard virtually a similar set you made for Joe Biggs who is a friend and spoke highly of them. They impressive sounding in the recordings he sent me, but hearing this set of Cliff's in person was truly impressive.
I know your work well, and have always been a fan of your craftsmanship and sound. These two sets in particular though are amazing.
I teach here at St. John's and am the PM of Greater Midwest, I have come across a great number of awesome pipes in my day. This set will be remembered by me as some of the best. I just wanted to share this with you. Thank you for your amazing work and supplying pipes that are so excellent.
Cheers, Ben Peterson

Thanks Ben. This means more than you know.

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