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Wake Joins Team Elevation.

MacLellan Bagpipes and Melvin Reeds are pleased to welcome the Wake and District Pipe Band* from Raleigh, North Carolina as a featured Elevation artist!

The band was founded in 2006 by a small group of public safety professionals from the Raleigh Durham region, with the primary purpose of playing at the funerals of fallen firefighters and police officers. Since their founding, the band has expanded it's musical presence and now fields three competition bands; Grades 3, 4, and 5.

They are the current EUSPBA Southern Branch G3 Champions, and continue to work together to accomplish common goals, both on the field and off. While they focus on their goals in competition, they still recognize a duty within the community to be in service and perpetuate the art form.

" The band has recently migrated back to the MacLellan (Elevation) chanters and has noticed a step change in tonality." said Ken McKeveny, senior Pipe Major of the Wake and District Program.

"The chanters have great harmonics, resonance and projection, particularly on the top hand. We have set them up primarily with Melvin Reeds and quite pleased with the result; a very stable and consistent sound."

McKeveny notes: "We spend more time playing rather than tuning!"

Wake & District remains focused on future achievement, despite all of their past accomplishments. They take great pride in their endeavors and realize there is always a higher level of excellence to be won. They strive to be humble and grateful for their members, collective talents and hard work, and the opportunities they have to perform and grow.

Pipe Major Ken McKeveny

Personalized chanter soles were designed for the Wake Elevation chanters. The soles are reminiscent of Gunn style bagpipe mounts, made from imitation ivory.

You can follow Wake on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


* Having played the MacLellan Mac-1 chanters for several seasons, members of Wake and District helped with the design of the Elevation chanter.

Melvin Elevation chanter reeds.

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