• MacLellan Bagpipes

Hector the Hero.

Sharing from Dr. Michael Supples — “Hanging out with my friends Indianapolis Public Safety Pipes & Drums and inspired to record my all-time favorite lament, Hector the Hero.” The tune is Hector the Hero — Penned in 1903 by Scott Skinner in honor of Major-General Sir Hector MacDonald (1857 - 1903).

Bagpipe setup — MacLellan Cocobolo Original Drones with Rocket Glass Fibre tenor reeds and Henderson Harmonic Deluxe Bass — RJM Solo Chanter, blackwood, with Troy McAllister reed.

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© 2021 MacLellan Bagpipes | 1903 Skyway Drive | Monroe | NC-USA | #BespokeBagpipes | selected photos by COURTNEY A SCHNEE