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The Patriot Edition.

Following the great success of our Millennium Edition, we decided it was time to introduce a new, unique design. Rather than look to Scotland's history and art, we took a bold, new step and worked with American iconography.

By combining the Great American Eagle, the Stars and Stripes of the U. S. Flag and the Cavalry Sabre, I believe we have produced a design which is modern and yet still within the tradition of the classic Highland Bagpipe silver-work of the past.

As with all MacLellan Bagpipes silverwork, each set is made by hand. The Patriot design is skillfully worked into the eagles landing on the ferrules, the sabre & Flag wrapping around the tuning pins, and the stars & stripes radiating around the drone caps.

Only 25 of these sets will be made.

Cocobolo or African Blackwood, mounted in sterling silver  $4500.00

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