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Born in Scotland.

Roderick MacLellan, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, was born in Scotland and emigrated to the USA in 1980. He started making bagpipes in 1991 as a hobby and eventually founded MacLellan Bagpipes in 1995. His instruments are one of a kind and are sought by expert players throughout the world.

Over the years Roddy has gradually established a solid reputation for rich, warm and stable tone, created with incredible craftsmanship, and instruments of heirloom quality and unparalleled beauty.

When you own a MacLellan Bagpipe, you join an elite group of discerning pipers who desire more than the ordinary, mass produced bagpipe, but choose to own and play the best, and most unique instrument available today.

Roddy's research has enabled him to stay true to the sound created by late 19th century pipe-makers in Scotland.

He has captured the warm broad mellow tone, producing an instrument which is stable and easy to tune even at today's higher pitches. The MacLellan Bore was originally based on a set of 1880's Henderson bagpipes belonging to Roddy's Grandfather from North Uist. Some changes have been made to the tenor tops and bass drone, and now gives the big, rich and complex sound most people have come to know as "the MacLellan Drone Sound."

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